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Angular Storefront icon

Angular Storefront

A full-featured storefront starter built with Angular

Vendure Plus Advanced Search Plugin icon

Vendure Plus Advanced Search Plugin

Advanced, efficient, lightning-fast search with support for fuzzy matching, synonyms, curation, analytics and more

Vendure Plus

EUR 50.00

Shipping by Weight and Country icon

Shipping by Weight and Country

Set shipping costs based on the order’s weight and country

PartnerFree 129
Vendure Plus Wishlist Plugin icon

Vendure Plus Wishlist Plugin

Comprehensive wishlists: guest wishlists, multiple lists, private/public lists, sharing & purchase tracking

Vendure Plus

EUR 50.00

Vendure Plus Gift Card Plugin icon

Vendure Plus Gift Card Plugin

Add support for gift cards and store credit with this full-featured plugin created by the Vendure core team.

Vendure Plus

EUR 50.00

Digital Ocean Spaces icon

Digital Ocean Spaces

Store images and other assets with Digital Ocean Spaces object storage.

CoreFree 12977
Coinbase Payments icon

Coinbase Payments

Accept crypto payments via Coinbase Commerce

PartnerFree 32
Popularity Score icon

Popularity Score

Calculate popularity scores for products and collections based on previously placed orders

PartnerFree 200
Google Storage Assets icon

Google Storage Assets

Store assets on Google Storage buckets

PartnerFree 402
Grafbase icon


Grafbase provides a modern developer experience to build and deploy high performance GraphQL APIs.

Metrics icon


Visualize your shop's average order value, orders per month and more customizable graphs

PartnerFree 85
SendCloud Fulfillment icon

SendCloud Fulfillment

Sync orders to SendCloud’s fulfillment platform to print shipping labels and ship orders

PartnerFree 135
M-Pesa Payments icon

M-Pesa Payments

Accept Mpesa payments on your Vendure store.

CommunityFree 658
Admin UI Helper Buttons icon

Admin UI Helper Buttons

Cancel and complete order buttons for easier completion and cancellation of order

PartnerFree 74
Remix Storefront icon

Remix Storefront

A full-featured storefront starter built with Remix

Picqer Fulfillment icon

Picqer Fulfillment

Sync orders, stock, and products with the Picqer order picking platform

PartnerFree 166
Google Cloud Tasks icon

Google Cloud Tasks

Use Google Cloud Tasks as queue to push jobs to your worker instance

PartnerFree 333
Stripe Subscription icon

Stripe Subscription

Sell products as recurring subscriptions with Stripe

PartnerFree 229
Stock Monitoring icon

Stock Monitoring

Monitor stock levels in your dashboard and get notified when products are almost out of stock

PartnerFree 45
PDF Invoicing icon

PDF Invoicing

Craft your own PDF invoices with HTML, that will be sent to your customer when orders are placed

PartnerFree 608
Qwik Storefront icon

Qwik Storefront

A full-featured storefront starter built with Qwik

Mollie Payments icon

Mollie Payments

Plugin to enable payments through the Mollie platform.

CoreFree 4507
Next.js Storefront icon

Next.js Storefront

A full-featured storefront built with Next.js

GoedGepickt Fulfillment icon

GoedGepickt Fulfillment

Integrate Vendure with the GoedGepickt order picking platform

PartnerFree 23
Exclusive Products icon

Exclusive Products

Limit the amount of products a single customer can order

PartnerFree 19
Customer Managed Groups icon

Customer Managed Groups

Allow customers to manage their own groups, for example to manage family members

PartnerFree 6
MinIO icon


Store images and other assets in MinIO, an open-source, S3-compatible object store.

CoreFree 12977
Order Export icon

Order Export

Export orders in your own customizable format

PartnerFree 53
Sentry icon


Monitor errors and performance of your Vendure server using Sentry, a leading monitoring platform.

CoreFree 717 icon

Print shipping labels for your orders via

PartnerFree 46
Product Primary Collection icon

Product Primary Collection

Set a primary collection for your products, so you can create the correct breadcrumbs in your storefront

PartnerFree 137
Multi-Server Session Cache icon

Multi-Server Session Cache

Multi-server proof session cache, using the existing database as cache

PartnerFree 79
Braintree Payments icon

Braintree Payments

This plugin enables payments to be processed by Braintree, a popular payment provider which supports card payment, PayPal, Apple Pay and more

CoreFree 4507
SendGrid icon


Send transactional emails using Twilio Sendgrid with Vendure’s EmailPlugin

CoreFree 12045
Variant Bulk Update icon

Variant Bulk Update

Update prices of all variants for a product

PartnerFree 35
Stellate icon


Integrates the Stellate GraphQL edge cache with your Vendure server

CoreFree 564
Modify Active Orders icon

Modify Active Orders

Modify an active order for a customer from the Admin UI

PartnerFree 199
Selectable Gifts icon

Selectable Gifts

Allow your loyal customers to select gifts in your storefront

PartnerFree 33
Webhook Plugin icon

Webhook Plugin

Call webhooks based on configured events from Vendure

PartnerFree 144
E-Boekhouden icon


Sync orders to the Dutch accounting platform

PartnerFree 19
Back In Stock Plugin icon

Back In Stock Plugin

Keep your customers in the loop for when a sold-out product gets replenished and generate more revenue by adding potential future sales!

CommunityFree 35
AWS S3 icon


Store images and other assets in AWS S3

CoreFree 12977
AWS SES icon


Send transactional emails using Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES)

CoreFree 12045
Stripe Payments icon

Stripe Payments

Plugin to enable payments through Stripe via the Payment Intents API.

CoreFree 4507
Elasticsearch icon


Use Elasticsearch to power your product search

CoreFree 3260
Dutch Postalcode Lookup icon

Dutch Postalcode Lookup

Help out your customers by looking up their full address by searching on postal code and house number

PartnerFree 21
Simplified Collections Plugin icon

Simplified Collections Plugin

This plugin allows you to maintain a two way relation between products and collections, allowing a simplified way to manage collections.

CommunityFree 117

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