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A modern, headless GraphQL-based e-commerce framework built with TypeScript & Nodejs

E-commerce for the Modern Web

query { products(options: { skip: 0 take: 3 }) { totalItems items { name variants { sku name price } } } }
query { search(input: { term: "camera" }) { items { sku productName } } }
mutation { addItemToOrder(productVariantId: 5 quantity: 1) { code total state lines { productVariant { id name } unitPrice quantity totalPrice } } }

Vendure is a new e-commerce framework built for the developers who are building the modern web.
check icon Read: Introducing Vendure

De-coupled & Flexible

Vendure is a headless framework, meaning that it delivers content through its GraphQL API, leaving you free to implement your store-front applications in the technologies of your choice.

Made for Developers

Vendure makes developer productivity a top priority. The framework is written in TypeScript and is built on the npm ecosystem.

The combination of TypeScript and GraphQL provides end-to-end type safety.

Open Source

Vendure is available under the MIT license.

All development of the core framework is being done in the open on GitHub.


  • check iconProducts & variants
  • check iconStock management
  • check iconOn-the-fly image resize & crop
  • check iconProduct facets & faceted search
  • check iconProduct categories / collections
  • check iconExtensible product search via Elastic, Algolia etc.
  • check iconPayment provider integrations
  • check iconShipping provider integrations
  • check iconTax calculations based on category and zone
  • check iconDiscounts and promotions
  • check iconMultiple administrators with fine-grained permissions
  • check iconBuilt-in admin interface
  • check iconMulti-language support
  • check iconGuest checkouts

The above features are either already implemented or planned for the beta release

Get Started

$ npx @vendure/create my-shop