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A modern, open-source headless commerce framework built with TypeScript & Nodejs
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Headless commerce for the modern web

Vendure is a new e-commerce framework built for the developers who are building the modern web.

Loved by developers. Powering high-growth start-ups. Trusted by Fortune 500 enterprises


“Building on top of Vendure has been a truly great experience for our development team - the plugin-based approach has been a huge inspiration to us.”

Flexible. Composable.

Vendure is a headless commerce framework, meaning that it delivers content through its GraphQL API, leaving you free to implement your store-front applications in the technologies of your choice.

Tailor your application by composing best-in-class services and APIs, with Vendure at the core.

Made for Developers

Vendure makes developer productivity a top priority. The framework is written in TypeScript and is built on the npm ecosystem.

The combination of TypeScript and GraphQL provides end-to-end type safety.

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Open Source

Vendure core is available under the MIT license. All development of the core framework is being done in the open on GitHub.

No lock-in to a proprietary platform.

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Works with your favourite tech

With Vendure you are free to choose the front-end technology you know best.

You and your team have expertise. Use it to rapidly build the storefront your clients have dreamed of.

Advanced features

Build it with Vendure

Inventory management

  • Unlimited variants
  • Stock tracking
  • Dynamic collections
  • Faceted search

Advanced commerce

  • Guest checkouts
  • Powerful promotions engine
  • Configurable checkout flow
  • Pluggable payment, shipping & fulfillment


  • Multiple language
  • Multiple currencies
  • Multiple sales channels
  • Tax & shipping zones


  • Cloud-ready
  • Auto-scaling support

Media management

  • Dynamic crop & resize
  • Cloud storage support

Team support

  • Granular role-based permissions
  • Built in admin UI

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At KLEKT we chose Vendure after many painstaking hours of competitive research. Being a marketplace we didn't feel like there was anything out there that really fit the bill out of the box, but with an API-first platform and the ability to create custom plugins we were able to extend Vendure to meet our needs. In comparison to other platforms Vendure is much lighter, fully utilises modern technologies and doesn't need 25 dev ops engineers to make it scale. So for us it seemed the right fit and we haven't looked back.

Jon Cleaver


We were trying to find a solution that was feature-complete but flexibile. Flexibility was a necessity because we wanted to maintain the legacy system’s interface points with other teams. After we set up a demo system on IBM’s internal hybrid cloud platform, we were convinced that, out-of-the-box, it would provide 90% of the ecommerce functionality our stores required, and that we would be able to build out the other 10% ourselves.

Will Milne

Tech Lead, IBM

Thanks to the modular nature of Vendure I was able to create my own payment and delivery provider integrations, dynamic product pricing, order validators and processes that fit to our very specific business needs.

Lukas Chladek


After almost one year working with Vendure, we can say it was a right choice for us. Its headless approach has allowed us to cherry-pick storefront technologies to suit our skills and requirements. Its tech stack ensures reliability and top-level performance, and the ability to use Typescript across the whole stack is very important to us.


I was looking for an e-commerce platform that supports multi-channel, to enable the multi-client setup of the platform. Vendure is the only platform meeting the requirements of Node.js, GraphQL and multi-channel. The only code I had to write was the payment integration, which was very easy with the plugin system.

Martijn van de Brug


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