The first commerce platform that doesn't force you to compromise on your goals.

Introducing Vendure: the epitome of commerce adaptability. With a blend of advanced technologies and a robust, expandable feature set, we seamlessly align with your unique business goals. Dive into the power of Vendure and redefine your eCommerce experience.

Building on top of Vendure has been a truly great experience for our development team - the plugin-based approach has been a huge inspiration to us.

Will Milne

Tech Lead, IBM

Cutting-edge tech stack
Built on a modern, proven, highly productive tech stack which is loved by developers.

Built on proven technologies

Vendure is engineered on a bedrock of trusted and widely-adopted technologies - the solid combination of Node, NestJS, GraphQL, and TypeScript. These state-of-the-art frameworks ensure a reliable, resilient, and performant backbone for your eCommerce needs.


End-to-end type safety

The fusion of TypeScript and GraphQL delivers type-safety across all layers, from server to storefront. This secure environment propels confident and efficient development, giving you the competitive edge in eCommerce.


Headless, composable, API-driven

Vendure champions complete GraphQL API-driven functionality, unlocking unrestricted access to all features. This empowers you to construct integrations precisely tailored to your unique eCommerce requirements.



Vendure is flexibly designed to operate across a diverse array of environments - from a single instance on a classic server to a complex, auto-scaling containerized service. This flexibility ensures optimal performance, irrespective of your infrastructure.


Ultra-fast storefronts

Vendure's headless architecture liberates developers to leverage cutting-edge, high-speed PWA storefront solutions. This freedom enables you to stay ahead in the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape.



At the heart of Vendure is our commitment to delivering an outstanding developer experience. We enable developers to customize and harmonize their solution, ensuring a perfect fit for the business needs. Your vision, realized through Vendure.

Inventory Management
A rich feature set to effectively manage, organize and track your inventory.

Product variants

Product variants in Vendure bundle related SKUs, enabling seamless management of products with various options like color, size, and more. Efficiently handle diversity in your product offerings with ease.


Custom attributes

With Vendure, enrich your products using custom fields. Add personalized data tailored to your business requirements, and take complete control of your product presentation. Customization made easy with Vendure.


Stock tracking

Manage your product stock levels with Vendure. We diligently track stock movements and offer per-product back-order controls, even across multiple locations. Harness the power of efficient inventory management.


Advanced image control

Elevate your customer experience with Vendure. Showcase unlimited product images, and adjust crop, resize, and focal-points on the fly. Deliver a visually stunning and personalized shopping experience with Vendure.



Harness the power of faceted search with Vendure. Apply structured metadata to your catalog using facets, enabling advanced searching and organization. Transform your catalog management with Vendure.



Distribute your products across numerous channels with Vendure, each backed by individual pricing and currency support. Streamline your multi-channel product management effortlessly.



Structure your catalog dynamically using Collections in Vendure. These collections update automatically based on the criteria you establish, ensuring a well-organized and efficient product catalog. Experience smart catalog management.


Localization & Internationalization

Experience the convenience of localization with Vendure. Tailor your eCommerce platform to perfectly align with the linguistic and regional needs of your target audience. Cross boundaries effortlessly .


Data management experience

Seamlessly modify and update product information, effortlessly manage stock levels, and unleash the power of precise data control. Vendure empowers product managers and marketing teams to efficiently handle data, ensuring accuracy and agility in their operations.

Commerce & Marketing
Ships with advanced and configurable marketing & commerce capabilities.

Guest checkout

Streamline the checkout process with Vendure's guest checkouts, minimizing friction for customers. Seamlessly convert guest checkouts into registered customer accounts at a later stage, ensuring a smooth transition and a frictionless shopping experience.


Customer groups

Effortlessly segment your customers for precise targeting of promotions and marketing campaigns with Vendure. Organize your customer base with ease, unlocking the potential for tailored and impactful engagement.


Configurable checkout flow

Customize Vendure's order state manager to fit your exact workflow, rather than conforming to predefined processes. Empower your business with flexible order management tailored to your specific needs. Take charge of your workflow with Vendure.


Shipping & fulfillments

Achieve automated shipping calculations and full control over order fulfillment with Vendure. Effortlessly calculate shipping costs and streamline the fulfillment process. Maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction with Vendure's advanced features.


Configurable cart items

Unlock unparalleled customization options with Vendure. Tailor individual cart items for personalized experiences or product configurators, empowering your customers to personalize their selections. Vendure enables seamless customization, driving engagement and satisfaction.



Comply with local tax laws effortlessly using Vendure's robust tax management system. Establish tax categories, zones, and rates to ensure accurate taxation. Vendure simplifies tax compliance, allowing you to navigate the intricacies of tax regulations with ease.



Boost sales with Vendure's powerful promotions engine. Effortlessly create and customize promotions with coupon codes, usage limits, and date ranges. Drive customer engagement and maximize results with Vendure's versatile promotional capabilities.


Payment integrations

Simplify payment integration with Vendure. Seamlessly connect with your preferred payment provider, supporting credit card or offline payments. Vendure streamlines the process for easy payment integration.


B2B ready

Vendure is fully B2B ready, equipped with powerful out-of-the-box features to handle complex B2B commerce cases. Streamline operations, manage pricing, catalogs, and orders with ease. Vendure is your ultimate solution for successful B2B commerce.

Ready to handle large stores with multiple staff working together.

Responsive Admin UI

Take full control of your store with Vendure's bundled Admin UI application. Effortlessly manage every aspect of your eCommerce operations, including inventory, products, orders, and customers. Vendure puts the power of store management at your fingertips.


Authentication integrations / SSO

Integrate Vendure with existing identity providers like Keycloak for seamless authentication. Simplify user management and enhance the user experience. Integrates also with common SSO providers like Azure AD, Auth0, Okta and more.


Roles & permissions

Vendure utilizes a role-based access control system, offering granular permissions. Define and assign multiple roles with ease. Vendure ensures secure and flexible authorization for your resources.


Multi-language UI

Unlock a multilingual experience with Vendure's Admin UI. Seamlessly switch between languages, including German, Polish, Chinese, French, Russian, and more. Benefit from built-in language support and ongoing community-driven translations.



Customize Vendure to your brand's essence. Effortlessly incorporate your logo and brand colors into the Admin UI. With Vendure's fully brandable solution, deliver a cohesive brand experience that resonates with your employees.



Vendure's Admin UI is highly extensible for developers. Effortlessly enhance its functionality natively, adapting it to your specific needs. Vendure provides a developer-friendly platform for creating a tailored and powerful Admin UI experience.

Still wondering whether Vendure is able to power your project?

Unlock the potential of your project with Vendure. Our robust and adaptable open-source commerce system is designed to empower your business with seamless scalability and unrivaled flexibility. Curious if Vendure is the perfect fit for your specific needs? Contact our team of experts for a personalized consultation.

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