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A new chapter for Vendure

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July 12, 2022
David Höck

In the future there will be a “we” and no longer an “I” behind Vendure, because on June 18th, Vendure GmbH was registered in the commercial register of Vienna! The one-man open source project becomes a future-oriented company with the vision to develop the leading headless e-commerce system in the world.

The new team behind Vendure

Vendure GmbH is a joint venture of Michael Bromley, the founder and developer of Vendure, and ALPIN11 New Media GmbH from Kitzbühel. ALPIN11 is specialized in B2B commerce and works for international medium-sized companies in DACH region. However, ALPIN11 is not only a shareholder, but brings its entire know-how, network and manpower into the newly founded company in Vienna.

David, Michael & Max after signing the articles of incorporation

David, Michael & Max after signing the articles of incorporation

The management of Vendure will be taken over jointly by Michael Bromley and David Höck, who is also the managing director of ALPIN11. The management team will be completed by Max Page, Head of Operations at ALPIN11, and Mathias Lukas, Senior Business Development Manager at ALPIN11.

All tasks relating to Vendure - which until now have all been handled by Michael - will now be distributed between the four members of the new team. Michael will continue to lead the technical development of the project and lead the developer communications as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Max Page, in his role as Chief Operating Officer (COO), will take over all operational matters and thus the responsibility for Vendure’s day-to-day business. Mathias Lukas, as Head of Sales & Partnerships, will use his many years of experience to expand our technology and agency partnerships and support David in sales. David Höck will lead enterprise sales, investor relations and the strategic development of the company in the role as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

This clear allocation of responsibilities will allow all areas of the company to move forward at full speed and will enable Michael to focus fully on Vendure’s technical priorities.

The four of us are united by a common vision to develop the leading headless commerce system and to prove that open source is and will be the best approach for market leaders. Here are some words from our management team.

My vision for Vendure is to build the most capable, stable and extensible ecommerce platform around. I want Vendure to provide an exceptional developer experience through modern technologies, tools and workflows. My goal is to empower developers to create incredible ecommerce applications, to do so rapidly, and to actually enjoy the process!

- Michael Bromley, CTO

With the Vendure Partner Program we envision a home for our technology and agency partners to benefit from developer training and certification as well as a range of support tiers. This will enable them to deliver state-of-the-art solutions in their markets to a wide range of companies in need of a powerful ecommerce platform. The feedback we will be gaining from our partner network will have a direct impact on the continuous development and improvement of the Vendure framework.

- Mathias Lukas, Head of Sales & Partnerships

To create a cohesive and successful network, we will strive to provide the best training and resources possible. We believe an academy incorporating useful information, sales guides, development training, documentation, company information, and more, will lay the sturdy foundation on which strong and blossoming partnerships can be formed. Operationally we want to solve problems before they even have a chance to arise and give our community, as well as partners, the best chance to grow using a mix of self-service tools in combination with direct communication with us when needed.

- Max Page, COO

With its scalable architecture and tech stack, Vendure is a perfect-fit not only for small and medium-sized businesses, but also Fortune500 companies. To meet the needs of small businesses as well as large enterprises, our focus is also on providing SLAs, LTS versions, and extensive consulting and support to Fortune500 companies. We also aim to develop a stable business model and significantly expand our visibility in the market with strategic investors. Open source will always be at the center of our thinking and doing, however we will build great infrastructure around Vendure!

- David Höck, CEO

Our objectives for 2022 and 2023

Release of Vendure v2.0

The next major version of Vendure will most likely be released in Q4 2022 and will bring huge improvements and exciting new features. Probably the biggest improvement will be the multi-vendor marketplace support, so that companies can develop the next Amazon or Zalando with Vendure! Furthermore, the stock management will be significantly expanded, e.g. to be able to handle multiple warehouse locations. A detailed list of all features and improvements can be found here: https://github.com/orgs/vendure-ecommerce/projects/1/views/4

Partnerships Program

Agency and implementation partners are extremely important to us because they are the ones who carry Vendure into the world and build great e-commerce projects for outstanding companies all over the world. However, we know from experience that as an agency you need tangible proof, case studies, etc. to successfully sell your Vendure projects and assure your customers that Vendure is the right technology. For this reason, we will launch an extensive partner program before the end of 2022. This will allow agencies and implementation partners to sell themselves as certified Vendure partners and also receive a comprehensive support from us with documentation, case studies, proof-of-concepts consulting, on-site training and much more. If you want to become a Vendure partner, you are welcome to register already here - Mathias is looking forward to your message! https://www.vendure.io/partners/apply

Vendure Marketplace

The wheel doesn’t have to be constantly reinvented. True to this principle, we will release the Vendure Marketplace to the public. This will allow developers, agencies and users worldwide to easily purchase Vendure plugins and extensions. In the beginning, only first-party plugins developed by the Vendure Dev Team will be available for purchase. Later, we plan to open the Marketplace to other vendors and include third-party plugins. However, these will go through a strict quality assurance process, because the quality of the plugins in our Marketplace has absolute priority for us.

Series A round

In order to grow Vendure in the coming years, to expand the team and to develop new innovations, capital is of course an absolute necessity. Especially as an open source platform, finances must always be kept under close scrutiny and growth should not be nipped in the bud due to financial bottlenecks. We have uniformly decided against starting with investors right from the beginning, as we want to build a strong foundation to be able to continue to operate largely independent in the future! We believe in our vision, our community and the potential of our target markets. With a strong foundation, functioning business processes and perfect product-market-fit, freshly introduced capital through investors can realize the maximum of potential. If you would be interested in entering into conversation with us, please feel free to send us an inquiry to investor-relations@vendure.io.

Finally, we would like to make a statement from our side: Vendure is and will forever be open source.

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Written by
David Höck
David is the CEO of Vendure.
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