🚨 Announcing Vendure v2 Beta

Vendure core features

Powerful, Composable, Extensible

Vendure combines cutting-edge technologies with a rich and extensible feature set

Cutting-edge tech stack


Vendure is built on a modern, proven, highly productive tech stack which is loved by developers.

Build on proven technologies

Vendure is built on proven and popular technologies - Node, NestJS, GraphQL & TypeScript.

Headless, composable, API-driven

Vendure is entirely driven by its GraphQL APIs. All functionality is exposed, allowing you to build any kind of integration you need.

Ultra-fast storefronts

Vendure's headless architecture leaves your developers free to use the latest, fastest PWA storefront solutions.

End-to-end type safety

TypeScript combined with GraphQL enables type-safety from the server to the storefront layer, allowing you to build confidently and rapidly.


Vendure is set up to run in a wide range of environments, from a single instance on a traditional server to a sophisticated parallel, auto-scaled containerized service.


A primary goal of Vendure is to provide an excellent developer experience, and to allow developers to customize and integrate their solution to exactly match the needs of the business.

Inventory management


Vendure provides a rich feature set to allow you to effectively manage, organize and track your inventory.

Product variants

Product variants allow you to group related SKUs for products with color, size or other options.

Stock tracking

Set the stock levels of your products and Vendure will track stock movements, with per-product back-order controls.


Apply structured metadata to your catalog using facets, unlocking faceted searching and facet-base organization.


Organize your catalog using Collections, which will dynamically update themselves based on the criteria you specify.

Custom attributes

Extend your products with custom fields, allowing you to add custom data specific to your business needs.

Advanced image control

Enrich your customer experience with unlimited product images with support for on-the-fly crop, resize and focal-point adjustments.


Split your inventory over multiple channels, with support for pricing and currency per channel.


Translate and serve your catalog in any number of languages.

Commerce & marketing


Vendure ships with an advanced and configurable set of marketing & commerce capabilities.

Guest checkout

Reduce friction with guest checkouts, which can later be converted into registered customer accounts.

Configurable checkout flow

Encode your exact workflow into Vendure's order state manager - not the other way around.

Configurable cart items

Customize individual cart items for personalization or product configurators.


Configure promotions with our powerful, extensible rules engine, with support for coupon codes, usage limits & date ranges.

Customer groups

Organize your customers for targeted promotions and marketing.

Shipping & fulfillments

Automated shipping calculations and precise control over the fulfillment process.


Set up tax categories, zones and rates to comply with your local tax laws.

Payment integrations

Our configurable payment flows allow painless integration with the payment provider of your choice, whether credit card or offline payments.

Administration features


Vendure is ready to handle large stores with multiple staff working together.

Admin UI

Vendure ships with an Admin UI application which allows you to manage every aspect of your store.

Roles & permissions

Vendure uses a role-based access control system, allowing the definition of any number of roles with granular permissions.

Authentication integrations

Vendure can be integrated with existing identity providers (e.g. Keycloak), allowing existing staff to authenticate with their existing credentials.

Multi-language UI

Our Admin UI comes with built-in support for many major languages including German, Polish, Chinese, French & Russian, with more translations being regularly added by the community.