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What is Vendure?

Vendure is a headless e-commerce framework.

  • Headless is a term that means it does not concern itself with rendering the HTML pages of a website. Rather, it exposes a GraphQL API which can be queried for data (“Give me a list of available products”) or issued with mutation instructions (“Add product ‘123’ to the current order”) by a client application. Thus the client is responsible for how the e-commerce “storefront” looks and how it works. Vendure is responsible for the rest.
  • Vendure is a framework in that it supplies core e-commerce functionality, but is open to further extension by the developer.

Who should use Vendure?

Vendure is intended to be used by developers who wish to create a modern e-commerce solution. While we aim for a seamless and simple developer experience, Vendure is not aimed at non-technical users.

What technologies is Vendure built on?

  • Vendure is written in TypeScript.
  • Node.js is the runtime platform.
  • The data layer is handled by TypeORM, which is compatible with most popular relational databases.
  • Nest is used as the underlying architecture.
  • The API is GraphQL powered by Apollo Server.
  • The Admin UI application is built with Angular.