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Support & Professional services

Build with confidence

Building a project on Vendure? Boost your productivity and confidence with expert guidance and support from the Vendure core team.

On-demand consulting

Get direct, one-on-one help and support from the Vendure maintainers

  • Review of project architecture

  • Code review

  • Discuss ideal solutions to your project requirements

  • Advice on work-arounds for current limitations or other issues

Note: on-demand consulting is best suited to short sessions of up to a few hours at a time. We do not offer project building / system integration services. For help with building your project, see our partners page.

Support plan

Peace of mind for your critical applications with our Support Level Agreement-based plan.

Pricing plan comparison
Feature by Plan Community Support Plan


Response guarantee None SLA-backed response guarantee (details)
Support channels Community Slack, GitHub Discussions + Dedicated support channel
Priority bugfixing Not available Available
On-demand consulting Available Priority

Example Support Level Agreement

Severity Response time
the Software does not work in its entirety; and/or a critical security vulnerability in the Software is discovered; data or queries are lost or misdirected; and a work around is not possible or does not yield reproducible results.
8 business hours
the Software’s stability is heavily impaired and/or the Software cannot be continuously operated; and/or the Software’s core functionalities have errors that may only be circumvented temporarily; and/or data consistency is not always given but may be restored via data recovery measures.
12 business hours
whilst the Software’s stability is sporadically impaired, the Software can be continuously operated for longer periods; and/or the Software’s core functionalities have minor errors which can be circumvented without substantial limitations to the Software’s functionalities; and/or the Software’s core functionalities have errors when using the Software in an untypical way whilst data consistency is given.
16 business hours
the Software’s peripheral functionalities such as aid and/or informative functionalities have errors; and/or the Software’s outputs have errors but no data is lost.
32 business hours

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