Vendure plugins

Extend core functionality

Vendure core is lean, but is designed with deep extensibility in mind. Here you'll find official and community plugins which add new capabilities to Vendure core.

Core plugins

These plugins are developed alongside the Vendure core, and are available right now via npm.

Admin UI Plugin

A complete, feature-rich, themable UI application for your back-office administration stadd.

Elasticsearch Plugin

This is a drop-in replacement for the default product search, which brings the full power and flexibility of Elasticsearch to your project.

Email Plugin

Send transactional emails based on events. Integrates with any email service, and includes MJML-based email templates.

Asset Server Plugin

Handles assets (images, videos & other binary files) and includes on-the-fly image crop & resize as well as support for various storage mechanisms (local disk, Amazon S3)

Enterprise plugins

A suite of advanced plugins created by the Vendure core team. Available soon!

Advanced Search Plugin
coming soon

This plugin brings :

  • Typo-tolerant instant search
  • Alias / synonym support
  • Built-in match highlighting
  • Curation (boost results for specific searches)
  • Search query analytics

Gift Card Plugin
coming soon

Add support for gift cards and store credit.

  • Physical & digital gift cards
  • Any denomination
  • Gift card image generation
  • Automatic emailing to recipient

Wishlist Plugin
coming soon

Sophisticated wishlist functionality:

  • Guest wishlists
  • Multiple wishlists per customer
  • Public & private wishlists
  • Sharing & purchase tracking

Business Intelligence Plugin
coming soon

Gain insights into your data:

  • Key metrics as dashboard widgets
  • Track sales performance
  • Customer segmentation based on order history
  • Analyze sales trends with interactive charts
  • Export report data

Product Export Plugin
coming soon

Export your product data:

  • Exports based on complex filters
  • Choose from popular product feed formats
  • Define custom formats
  • Set up automated periodic exports
  • Easily automate listings with external marketplaces

Community plugins

Vendure has an active community of developers building and sharing plugins.

Plugins on GitHub

There are already dozens of Vendure plugins listed on Github

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Curated Community Plugins

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