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The OrderItemPriceCalculationStrategy defines the price of an OrderItem. By default the DefaultOrderItemPriceCalculationStrategy is used.

When is the strategy invoked ?

  • addItemToOrder (only on the new order line)
  • adjustOrderLine (only on the adjusted order line)
  • setOrderShippingAddress (on all order lines)
  • setOrderBillingAddress (on all order lines)

OrderItemPriceCalculationStrategy vs Promotions

Both the OrderItemPriceCalculationStrategy and Promotions can be used to alter the price paid for a product.

Use OrderItemPriceCalculationStrategy if:

  • The price is not dependent on quantity or on the other contents of the Order.
  • The price calculation is based on the properties of the ProductVariant and any CustomFields specified on the OrderLine, for example via a product configurator.
  • The logic is a permanent part of your business requirements.

Use Promotions if:

  • You want to implement “discounts” and “special offers”
  • The calculation is not a permanent part of your business requirements.
  • The price depends on dynamic aspects such as quantities and which other ProductVariants are in the Order.
  • The configuration of the logic needs to be manipulated via the Admin UI.

Example use-cases

A custom OrderItemPriceCalculationStrategy can be used to implement things like:

  • A gift-wrapping service, where a boolean custom field is defined on the OrderLine. If true, a gift-wrapping surcharge would be added to the price.
  • A product-configurator where e.g. various finishes, colors, and materials can be selected and stored as OrderLine custom fields (see Customizing models.


interface OrderItemPriceCalculationStrategy extends InjectableStrategy {
        ctx: RequestContext,
        productVariant: ProductVariant,
        orderLineCustomFields: { [key: string]: any },
        order: Order,
    ): PriceCalculationResult | Promise<PriceCalculationResult>;




(ctx: RequestContext, productVariant: ProductVariant, orderLineCustomFields: { [key: string]: any }, order: Order) => PriceCalculationResult | Promise<PriceCalculationResult>

Receives the ProductVariant to be added to the Order as well as any OrderLine custom fields and returns the price for a single unit.

Note: if you have any relation type custom fields defined on the OrderLine entity, they will only be passed in to this method if they are set to eager: true.