The AssetServerPlugin serves assets (images and other files) from the local file system, and can also be configured to use other storage strategies (e.g. S3AssetStorageStrategy. It can also perform on-the-fly image transformations and caches the results for subsequent calls.


yarn add @vendure/asset-server-plugin


npm install @vendure/asset-server-plugin


import { AssetServerPlugin } from '@vendure/asset-server-plugin';

const config: VendureConfig = {
  // Add an instance of the plugin to the plugins array
  plugins: [
      route: 'assets',
      assetUploadDir: path.join(__dirname, 'assets'),
      port: 4000,

The full configuration is documented at AssetServerOptions

Image transformation

Asset preview images can be transformed (resized & cropped) on the fly by appending query parameters to the url:


The above URL will return some-asset.jpg, resized to fit in the bounds of a 500px x 300px rectangle.

Preview mode

The mode parameter can be either crop or resize. See the ImageTransformMode docs for details.

Focal point

When cropping an image (mode=crop), Vendure will attempt to keep the most “interesting” area of the image in the cropped frame. It does this by finding the area of the image with highest entropy (the busiest area of the image). However, sometimes this does not yield a satisfactory result - part or all of the main subject may still be cropped out.

This is where specifying the focal point can help. The focal point of the image may be specified by passing the fpx and fpy query parameters. These are normalized coordinates (i.e. a number between 0 and 1), so the fpx=0&fpy=0 corresponds to the top left of the image.

For example, let’s say there is a very wide landscape image which we want to crop to be square. The main subject is a house to the far left of the image. The following query would crop it to a square with the house centered:


Transform presets

Presets can be defined which allow a single preset name to be used instead of specifying the width, height and mode. Presets are configured via the AssetServerOptions presets property.

For example, defining the following preset:

new AssetServerPlugin({
  // ...
  presets: [
    { name: 'my-preset', width: 85, height: 85, mode: 'crop' },

means that a request to:


is equivalent to:


The AssetServerPlugin comes pre-configured with the following presets:

name width height mode
tiny 50px 50px crop
thumb 150px 150px crop
small 300px 300px resize
medium 500px 500px resize
large 800px 800px resize


By default, the AssetServerPlugin will cache every transformed image, so that the transformation only needs to be performed a single time for a given configuration. Caching can be disabled per-request by setting the ?cache=false query parameter.


class AssetServerPlugin implements NestModule, OnApplicationBootstrap {
  static init(options: AssetServerOptions) => Type<AssetServerPlugin>;
  configure(consumer: MiddlewareConsumer) => ;


  • NestModule
  • OnApplicationBootstrap



static method
(options: AssetServerOptions) => Type<AssetServerPlugin>
Set the plugin options.


(consumer: MiddlewareConsumer) =>