Plugin Lifecycle

Plugin Lifecycle

A VendurePlugin can make use of a number pre-defined “hooks”, which allow the plugin to execute code at specific points during the lifecycle of the application.

Nestjs Lifecycle Hooks

Since a VendurePlugin is built on top of the Nestjs module system, any plugin can make use of any of the Nestjs lifecycle hooks.

Note that since a Plugin will typically be instantiated in both the main process and the worker, any logic defined in a Nestjs lifecycle hook will be executed twice.

To run logic only in the main process or worker process, use the Vendure-specific hooks below, or inject the ProcessContext provider.

Vendure-specific hooks

Vendure defines some additional hooks which allow you to target logic depending on the context (main process or worker), as well as letting you run code prior to the bootstrap process.

The available Vendure-specific lifecycle hooks are:


import { OnVendureBootstrap, VendurePlugin } from '@vendure/core';

  // ...
export class MyPlugin implements OnVendureBootstrap {

  static beforeVendureBootstrap(app) {
    // An example use-case for this hook is to add 
    // global middleware as described in 
    app.use(/* ... */);
  async onVendureBootstrap() {
    // setup logic here. If retuning a Promise, 
    // app initialization will wait until the Promise resolves.
    await myAsyncInitFunction();


Full Lifecycle Diagram

This diagram illustrates how the Nestjs & Vendure lifecycle hooks relate to one another: