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Adding a REST endpoint

This plugin adds a single REST endpoint at http://localhost:3000/products which returns a list of all Products. Find out more about Nestjs REST Controllers.

// products.controller.ts
import { Controller, Get } from '@nestjs/common';
import { Ctx, ProductService, RequestContext } from '@vendure/core'; 

export class ProductsController {
  constructor(private productService: ProductService) {}

  findAll(@Ctx() ctx: RequestContext) {
    return this.productService.findAll(ctx);
// rest.plugin.ts
import { PluginCommonModule, VendurePlugin } from '@vendure/core';
import { ProductsController } from './products.controller';

  imports: [PluginCommonModule],
  controllers: [ProductsController],
export class RestPlugin {}

Note: The PluginCommonModule should be imported to gain access to Vendure core providers - in this case it is required in order to be able to inject ProductService into our controller.

Side note: since this uses no Vendure-specific metadata, it could also be written using the Nestjs @Module() decorator rather than the @VendurePlugin() decorator.