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Adding Navigation Items

Extending the NavMenu

Once you have defined some custom routes in a lazy extension module, you need some way for the administrator to access them. For this you will use the addNavMenuItem and addNavMenuSection functions.

Let’s add a new section to the Admin UI main nav bar containing a link to the “greeter” module from the Using Angular example:

// project/ui-extensions/greeter-shared.module.ts
import { NgModule } from '@angular/core';
import { SharedModule, addNavMenuSection } from '@vendure/admin-ui/core';

  imports: [SharedModule],
  providers: [
      id: 'greeter',
      label: 'My Extensions',
      items: [{
        id: 'greeter',
        label: 'Greeter',
        routerLink: ['/extensions/greet'],
        // Icon can be any of https://clarity.design/icons
        icon: 'cursor-hand-open',
    // Add this section before the "settings" section
export class GreeterSharedModule {}

Now we must also register this new module with the compiler:

// project/vendure-config.ts

ngModules: [
    type: 'lazy',
    route: 'greet',
    ngModuleFileName: 'greeter.module.ts',
    ngModuleName: 'GreeterModule',
    type: 'shared',
    ngModuleFileName: 'greeter-shared.module.ts',
    ngModuleName: 'GreeterSharedModule',

Running the server will compile our new shared module into the app, and the result should look like this:

Overriding existing items

It is also possible to override one of the default (built-in) nav menu sections or items. This can be useful for example if you wish to provide a completely different implementation of the product list view.

This is done by setting the id property to that of an existing nav menu section or item.