Available Plugins

Core Plugins

The Vendure monorepo contains a number of “core” plugins - that is, commonly-used plugins which are developed and versioned alongside the server core itself.

  • AdminUiPlugin: This plugin bundles a default build of the Vendure Admin UI and serves it when the server is started.
  • AssetServerPlugin: This plugin stores and serves assets from the local file system, and can perform on-the-fly image transformations.
  • ElasticsearchPlugin: This plugin allows your product search to be powered by Elasticsearch - a powerful Open Source search engine.
  • EmailPlugin: The EmailPlugin creates and sends transactional emails based on Vendure events.

Third-party plugins

Have you created a Vendure plugin that you’d like to share? Contact us and we can list it here!

For now, you’ll find some community plugins in these GitHub search results.