Vendure Worker

Vendure Worker

The Vendure Worker is a process which is responsible for running computationally intensive or otherwise long-running tasks in the background. For example updating a search index or performing image transformations.

The worker is started by calling the bootstrapWorker() function with the same configuration as is passed to the main server bootstrap():

import { Transport } from '@nestjs/microservices';
import { bootstrapWorker, VendureConfig } from '@vendure/core';

const config: VendureConfig = {
    // ...
    workerOptions: {
        transport: Transport.TCP,
        options: {
            host: 'localhost',
            port: 4242,

bootstrapWorker(config).catch(err => {

Underlying architecture

Internally, the Worker is an instance of a NestJS microservice. By default the TCP protocol is used to send messages to and receive reponses from the Worker, but other transports may be used such as Redis or gRPC.

Running on the main process

There is an option runInMainProcess which, if set to true will cause the Worker to be bootstrapped along with the main application, without the need for a separate process running bootstrapWorker. This is mainly used for testing and automated tasks, and is not advised for production use, since it negates the benefits of running long tasks off of the main process.

Running custom code on the worker

If you are authoring a Vendure plugin to implement custom functionality, you can also make use of the worker process in order to handle long-running or computationally-demanding tasks. See the Plugin Examples page for an example of this.

Note: The WorkerService combines well with the JobQueueService.

A real example of this can be seen in the EmailPlugin source