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Case study


KZFOO is a startup selling high-quality eyewear to the international market

Built by KZFOO (in-house)

fashion, eyewear US, UK, Europe b2c
Tell us a little about yourself and the project

My name is Yingchun Tian from Shanghai in China. I am professional software developer, mainly focussing on front-end, Node.js, and native apps. I’m very familar with React and TypeScript and I have more 12 years development experience as a software architect. Together with my partners we founded KZFOO - an e-commerce start-up providing quality eyewear for the US, UK and European markets.

What factors made you decide to use Vendure?

Since my preferred technology stack is React, Node.js and TypeScript, I tried to find a Node.js-based server-side e-commerce framework but could not find anything suitable until I found Vendure. It is so flexible, and I was pleasantly surprised to find it is built on TypeScript & NestJS - both of which I love using! So Vendure turned out to be a great fit for me.

Can you tell us about the process of building the project?

The project features quite a lot of custom functionality - we have more than 10 custom plugins we have written to extend Vendure with things like favorites, recommendations, custom payment integrations & reviews. This includes a completely custom Chinese-language admin dashboard written in React and tailored to our specific requirements. The storefront is built with Next.js.

The checkout flow features sophisticated customization options

The project took one year to develop. Working with Vendure, I found that its design to be excellent. Not only have my own skills been further improved, but also the expansion of the project is very clear.

Furthermore, the maintainers of Vendure are so professional, providing a lot of help and guidance and sharing their deep e-commerce experience along the way.