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Introducing the Vendure Partner Program

David Hoeck
David Hoeck

Friday, June 9th 2023

Just weeks after the successful launch of Vendure GmbH, we are announcing the next phase. During the live Q&A on August 23rd, we previewed the details of our upcoming Vendure Partner Program for agencies and implementation partners due to be officially released on November 1st, 2022.

If you prefer video, we held a live Q&A session covering all the topics in this post and more:

A Common Home for Our Agency Partners

Being an open-source project, the ultimate focus and heart of our vision has been and will always be to support and nurture the great community around the Vendure framework. With the Partner Program, we would like to honor the hard work and dedication that the community has poured into the development of the framework and give something back that will help our partners excel with their e-commerce projects even further.

From our experience, convincing clients to commit to a new technology can at times be a real challenge. With the Vendure Partner Program, we are aiming to provide you with the right tools to help you manage that challenge and help you succeed with your clients’ projects.

The Partner Program will achieve this by ensuring that developers will receive the right training and certification, and additionally, we will be building an extensive case study library with projects from all around the world. This combination will help you and us jointly to build trustworthiness and demonstrate the great capabilities of Vendure. At the same time, inspiration and learning will take place as the list of case studies will grow day by day.

Last but not least, the Partner Program will enable all participants to establish a closer relationship with our product team as we will be providing sales and marketing materials, holding events (e.g. our first ever Vendure conference), conducting fireside chats, providing consulting opportunities, and so much more.

Certification through the new Developer Academy

Along with the Partner Program, we will also be launching our first version of our Developer Academy, where initial developer certification and training will take place. The academy will initially start in a pre-release version with a certification exam to get developers onboarded quickly. We will be adding more content throughout the next months with videos, onboarding tools, more detailed documentation, and on-demand training.

During the pre-release period and therefore until the launch of the full-fledged version of the Academy, we will be offering certification for a reduced one-time payment of only €200 instead of €300 for the first 12 months of a Standard membership. With the official launch of the full version in 2023, we will be adding a Premium membership tier, which will give you access to more premium video content, live-code tests, and also regular live-calls with the product team of Vendure.

Rest assured, we will make sure that the experience within the Academy will be worthwhile!

Who is the Vendure Partner Program for?

Our mantra has always been as much accessibility as possible since Vendure is and always will be open-source. With the Partner Program, we will stay true to this promise and welcome everyone already working with Vendure and aiming to expand their activities through three different Partner Levels.

The Vendure Partner Program is ideal for every agency that wants to work with Vendure, ensure a high level of quality, and establish trust with clients as well as the community.

Bronze Partnership

With the Bronze Partnership, we will be offering an easy entry level for freelancers & solopreneurs who want to get started with our Partner Program. Building trust with your first clients can be a difficult task, so we want to enable you to build credibility through being a Vendure partner and have access to all the resources you might need to build excellent e-commerce products from the beginning.

To become a Bronze partner, you will have to have successfully completed at least one project based on Vendure and have at least one developer complete our certification process. The partnership will come at no cost other than the certification through the Developer Academy.

Silver Partnership

As the complexity of the solutions you are building increases, so too does the need for advanced support. With the Silver Partnership, we will give agencies and e-commerce consultancies direct access to our Vendure tech support team, as we are well aware that when implementing complex projects, the ability to rapidly troubleshoot roadblocks is of paramount importance. Further features of this partnership will include a 48-hour priority review of any submitted plugins, as well as exclusive access to workshops and consulting services with our pool of experts.

To be admitted as a Silver Partner, your agency will have to have successfully completed a minimum of 2 Vendure projects and have sent at least 5 developers through the certification process. We will be offering the Silver Partnership at an annual fee of €4,000 plus developer certification costs.

Gold Partnership

The highest tier of our Partner Program will be the Gold Partnership which will offer a wider scale of support possibilities for those agencies needing to go the extra mile with their solutions. In addition to all the included features of the Silver Partnership, Gold partners will receive extensive consulting opportunities and will be able to join forces with Vendure on joint sales and marketing efforts. Additionally, Gold partners enjoy rapid plugin reviews within 24 hours.

Potential Gold partners will be required to submit at least 4 successfully completed Vendure projects and to have sent at least 10 of their developers through the certification process. Their partner profile will be listed at the top of our Partners page on our website to ensure maximum visibility. The Gold partnership will be offered at an annual fee of €14,000 plus developer certification costs.

Gold partners will also be exclusively invited to play an active role at our annual Vendure conference with a speaker slot and preferred exhibition possibilities.

…and one more thing

For 2023, we have something special in store. As we will be working closely with our partners, there will be an invite-only partnership called Platinum. This strategic partnership will elevate successful and proven partners, and after an extensive review period offer the option for bilateral cooperation and exclusive association with Vendure.

Want to become a Vendure partner? Pre-registration is now open!

Have we sparked your interest and you would like to be amongst the first members of the Vendure Partner Program? Pre-registration has officially opened this week!

You can head directly to and hand in your application by filling the form.

During the course of September our Partner team will be reviewing all open applications and start the enrollment process from October 1st by getting in touch with you.

The Developer Academy will also be fired up during the enrollment period, so you will be able to send your developers through the certification exam before the official start of the Partner Program.

All of the details from our Q&A and Program Preview and on the above processes will be compiled on a landing page that will go live during the course of September, along with an FAQ to answer the most important questions.

November 1st, 2022 then marks the official start of our Partner Program. This will be the day when all new partners will officially be listed on our website along with their profile and case studies, and be provided with their official partner badge to be put on their website.

With that last step in the books, we will be happy to officially welcome you as a Vendure partner!