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Vendure & Vue Storefront Integration v1.0

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January 5, 2022
Michael Bromley

Vue Storefront, the fastest-growing open-source storefront solution for headless commerce, has just released v1.0 of its official Vendure integration.

Headless Commerce

Vendure is a headless e-commerce framework. This means we take care of all the typical e-commerce functionality (orders, customers, inventory, tax, promotions, etc.), and expose all of this functionality via our GraphQL API.

One of the major benefits of headless architecture is that you are free to build completely custom front-end solutions without the limitations imposed by traditional monolithic solutions. The trade-off is that you need to actually build it, and that takes both time and expertise. This acts as a barrier to entry for those without the resources to build out and entire storefront from scratch.

Vue Storefront

That’s where Vue Storefront comes in. It provides a complete, lightning-fast front-end to connect your entire headless commerce stack. Built on Vue and Nuxt, it brings a modern, open-source approach and tech stack to headless e-commerce. Out-of-the-box, it provides all typical storefront functionality as well as advanced features like server-side rendering and outstanding developer productivity.

The project has seen explosive growth over the past year, growing from a team of 5 to almost 60 and recently raising $17.4 million in funding. It already has integrations for several of the major e-commerce platforms, but the Vendure integration is the only one that unlocks full-stack, open-source Node.js headless commerce.

Vendure has been in our spotlight for quite a time, as it is definitely a rising star among open-source headless platforms. It delivers content through its GraphQL API, leaving developers the freedom to implement any desired frontend applications in the technologies of their choice. This modern and modular approach is something that we are implementing while developing Vue Storefront.
Filip Rakowski
Co-founder & CTO @ Vue Storefront

Vendure Integration

Vendure & Vue Storefront gets you rapidly up-and-running with full-stack open-source headless commerce using a single tech stack. It provides a set of building blocks (“composables”) which seemlessly integrate with the Vendure Shop API as well as a modern, responsive, clean storefront design.

Work on the integration was started by community members, with the majority of development driven by Jakub Andrzejewski, Tech Lead at Vue Storefront, who was drawn to Vendure by the familiar tech stack:

I really liked the Developer Experience in Vendure. Bootstrapping a project takes less than 10 minutes. The project is built using modern technology stack like Nest.js, TypeScript and GraphQL. I think Vendure will be a key player in the upcoming rise of Open Source E-Commerce.
Jakub Andrzejewski
Tech Leader @ Vue Storefront

Credit is also due to the rest of the contributors: Rafa Garcia Lepper, Michael Rabelo, Justyna, Milan Zivkovic & Heitor Ramon Ribeiro. Thank you all for your valueable work!

Get Started

The bottom line is this: with Vendure + Vue Storefront, you have the fastest route to a modern, production-ready headless commerce solution.

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Written by
Michael Bromley
Michael is the creator of Vendure. He lives in Vienna, Austria.
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